The Dance Legacy Continues...


The legendary Beverly Fletcher opened up her studio in 1944, and is identified as one of the foremost authorities of tap dance and its history.  Affectionately known as Miss Bev, she is a member of the Dance Hall of Fame.  Miss Bev wrote Tapworks: A Tap Dictionary and Reference Manual, and it’s one of the official reference manuals of the Dance Masters of America. This manual also includes a comprehensive dictionary of tap dance terminology with a special section devoted to teachers and is used in many colleges. After Miss. Bev retired, the dance studio was passed down to Miss Bev's daughter, Bambi Feuz. Bambi has recently passed down the studio to her daughter Blake Feuz and a devoted family friend Constance (Connie) Smith. The studio continues to shape and mold dancers of all ages throughout Western New York and Ontario, Canada. Miss. Bev’s Dance studio, now known as Legacy Dance Studio, opens their doors to many forms of dance. This studio is accepting to all ages, ethnicity, and creativity to express the art form of dance. The studio has been the root of all other studio’s evolving in Western New York and Canada. 

Legacy Dance Studio Owners

About the Owners

Blake Feuz

  • Blake Feuz is the granddaughter of Beverly Fletcher, who is the original owner and operator of Miss Bev’s Dance Studio. She is also the daughter of the previous owner of Bambi Feuz.

  • Blake has been dancing since she was two years old.

  • She has traveled and competed in competitions winning various scholarships with overall awards throughout Western NY and Ontario, Canada.

  • Blake has helped to create an Intensive Dance Competition team. This team volunteers their time at the fire fighter’s telethon to raise money for children in need.

Connie Smith

  • Connie Smith has developed a close relationship with the Fletcher and Feuz Family.

  • Connie has been at Miss. Bev’s Dance Studio since she was six years old.

  • She has her Bachelors of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, a concentration in American Studies and a Dance Minor Degree. In addition she has her Masters of Science Degree in Early Childhood Special Education.

  • Connie has won various dance awards, and has choreographed routines for parades, competitions, and local organizations throughout her years at Miss Bev’s Dance Studio.